The Likability Factor

2020 was a year unlike any other that most can recall. And while we endured the heartache, loss and displacement brought about by COVID, the presidential election did not disappoint.

The candidates of the two major parties were distinctly different. You might even say that the strengths of one were blind spots in the other. Yet how could an incumbent who arguably accomplished more in his first few months in office than most of his predecessors accomplished in one or two full terms, not win re-election?

Maybe the election was fixed – I honestly don’t know and likely you don’t either. The mainstream media and high tech treated him unfairly. Many agree. Consider this.  Is it silly to think that he should have spent more time making fun of himself, instead of targeting others?

Is it ridiculous to expect the leader of the free world to reach across the aisle (to the right leaders) and get those same great results without resorting to childish bullying tactics – name calling for example?

And is it wrong for a leader to admit he made a grave mistake (perhaps twice) in appointing the wrong person to a key position instead of attacking them for their incompetence?

My question for you is this. Are your Team Members secretly (or not so secretly) cheering on your demise? Sure, getting results (the right way) is one of the most important skills of a successful leader. And if you really want others to follow – be a little more likeable. Otherwise, you too, may be taking an unexpected  hike.