Breakthrough Transformational Coach


The key reason I’m able to help clients achieve breakthrough results is only partially because of my education, experience and certifications. The underlying reason is because I led a very unhealthy life for much of my professional career. I was a self-proclaimed workaholic who did not exercise, get enough sleep or eat for nourishment. I was on a path of self-destruction and didn’t even know it. I do know what it feels like to neglect myself. And when you neglect one area of your life, it impacts all areas of your life. Gratefully, I know the freedom and empowerment gained from living in alignment with my values, beliefs and purpose. And I want that for you too!”

About Mary

Mary has senior leadership level experience in Operations, Marketing, Training and Human Resources. She is a certified Health, Life and Leadership Coach. Clients repeatedly say that Mary balances just the right amount of compassion and encouragement with action and accountability.  In addition, Mary published her first book, Right of Passage:  Surviving Shame and Battling Bullies of All Ages, in late 2018.

Mary has an undergraduate degree in History from Grove City College in Grove City, PA. She obtained her Master’s degree from The Ohio State University in Human Resource Development with a concentration in Training and Development and Organizational Development.

She completed her Leadership coaching through the John Maxwell Team and her Life and Health coaching was completed through the Health Coach Institute.

What Clients Say

“I appreciated our time together over the course of last year and this year. Your ability to listen and provide guidance is truly remarkable. This is a small token of gratitude for your contribution to my future as a better employee, manager, co-worker, leader, husband, father and caring person.” – P.S.

“Sometimes bottling things up inside causes self destruction. I was blessed to have Mary as my Health Coach! We were able to hold discussions, ask questions, seek underlying issues, adjust lifestyle habits, reach attainable goals, set future goals and look forward to a healthy future. Mary is such a leader and positive role model! I appreciate her teaching qualities and time and talents! I’d like to thank her for believing in me and encouraging me to live my best life.” – L.H.

“I had sustained a foot injury November 2018 and was slow in recovering from this accident. I was depressed and felt hopeless sometimes, but working with Mary R. was an absolute blessing. She encouraged me every step along the way and pretty soon I began to have confidence in myself that I could achieve my goals. She taught me to slow down, chew my food 30 times and put my fork down in between bites. One of the best take-away”s of any program I have seen.” – V.H.

A Word from our Clients

“Mary has a gift”

It’s easy to read a leadership book — in fact, it can be too easy when you’re just reading it by yourself. We know the exercises are important, but alone, we want to just gloss over them. A MasterMind makes us accountable, and gives us the benefit of sharing experiences with other people who have the same interests and desire to learn. Mary has a gift, both for keeping the group on point, and for making the experience pleasant and profitable. I am recommending it to three of my friends (something I rarely do).
Harold T. / Author & Political Consultant