A polished speaker

Dynamic Motivational Speaker

Did you know that recent neurological studies show that a goldfish actually has a longer attention span than a human being? Mary is a dynamic motivational speaker who will deliver a clear, compelling and challenging message.


Keynote Addresses

Mary is a polished speaker who can deliver keynote addresses that pertain to leadership, overcoming adversity and bullying in the workplace.


Executive Speech Coach

Mary is also available as an executive speech coach. Do you know how to connect with your audience? Mary can help you prepare a dynamic delivery for your next keynote or conference presentation!

 A Word from Our Clients

“Powerful, Compelling”

Mary provided the keynote speech at the 2014 June Leadership Symposium. Her personal testimony kept the audience on the edge of their seats. It was powerful, compelling and very moving. The audience raved about her speech.
Vallery H. / The Leadership Symposium