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Staff development for all teachers

In the U.S., nearly 50% of our new teachers resign by their 5th year. And the number one reason? Classroom Management! Not surprising, this is also a stressor for experienced teachers too.

It’s Time to Teach!

Mary is a certified trainer in this one-day staff development workshop for all teachers, that will provide strategies to help mitigate low-level behavior challenges and create a culture that is much more conducive to learning!


You’ll learn how to…

  • Reduce disciplinary challenges and bullying
  • Eliminate nearly all referrals
  • Enhance teacher job satisfaction

And teachers can get CEU credit when they participate in this workshop! Contact Mary today to learn more about this research-based transformational staff development training!

A Word from our clients

“True Meaning of Leadership”

This course got me to think about my actions and words and how/what I say and my actions, affect others on my team, who look up to me.

Alex D. / Mastermind Participant