08 Apr.
Mary Rauchenstein
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Bullied No More

My heart is heavy as I’ve learned that bullying was at the root of the violent fight that claimed the life of a 5th grader in a South Carolina school.  The victim’s mother, as I understand, complained that her daughter was being bullied for more than a year, and now her daughter “has her angel wings” as she stated on Facebook.

I am on a quest to spread the word about the dangers of bullying.  My book, Right of Passage is a reminder that bullying has no place in any child’s (or adult’s) rite of passage.  I’m not really into self-promotion – any of you that know me at all, know that’s not my style.  However, I am begging any of you that have children who have been bullied at school, share my name and contact information with school principals, superintendents, school board members, PTO leaders.  If you know of companies that condone bullying, please share my contact information with their leaders.  Bullying is not acceptable, it’s not appropriate in a civilized society.  Bullying can have a devastating impact on victims and upstanders.  How many more school shootings, suicides and acts of violence in schools and work settings will we endure?