31 Dec.
Mary Rauchenstein
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Resisting Regifting

photo courtesy of Stuart Miles @freedigitalphotos.net

Okay, we’ve probably all re-gifted from time to time. There are some gifts, however, that should never be re-cycled or reconditioned. To do so, would be a grave misuse. Check yourself every now and then to be sure you aren’t throwing away your gifts…
-Be mindful that wisdom doesn’t not become arrogance.
-Allow yourself to embrace discipline and choose not to morph into rigidity.
-Humility is admirable, martyrdom is not.
-If you are a strong leader, be inspirational, not a bully!
And finally, if you are kind, compassionate and caring, please don’t ever re-gift these!! They are rare indeed.
Here’s to using your gifts in the way they were intended – when they were first gifted to you!