12 Aug.
Mary Rauchenstein
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Had Your Oil Changed Lately? – Part 1

Some of you may be heading to a garage this weekend to change the oil in your car.  Why?  So your car can run more effectively and efficiently.  When was the last time you changed the oil in your emotional tank?

Even if you were treated horribly by your former employer – let it go.  Unless you’re planning to sue them for discrimination or harassment, get your mind in the right place.  Get help from a professional therapist or psychologist if needed.

If you’ve just gone through a divorce or a break-up of a long-term relationship, see above.  Do not tell others who are trying to help you network, or someone who is interviewing you, that you hated your last boss and you broke up with your partner three weeks ago.  Get rid of this emotional baggage and those nasty Facebook posts.  It’s tough stuff, but you won’t have others rushing to introduce you to future employers if you can’t present a positive, professional image.

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