05 Jul.
Mary Rauchenstein
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NBA Finals Puts Leadership on Display

Great leaders throughout history have been visionaries who’ve positively influenced the right outcomes and subsequently achieved what they dreamed or envisioned. I’d always hoped I’d experience such a leader in my lifetime and I’m fortunate to say that I have indeed. And as of June 19, I have another example of the power of great leadership. Tyronn Lue, LeBron James and the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team are just that example. In Tyronn Lue I see a true serving leader who knows when to shine the light on others and let them navigate. In Lebron James, I see a man, though criticized by many, promised to bring a title back to his beloved Cleveland, and he managed to lead a team to do just that. In Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and everyone else whose feet touched the court in Oakland… you led from where you stood. And this is tough for a girl from the steel city of Pittsburgh to say… but I’m proud of Cleveland and I’m proud of the Cavaliers! Great leadership, great job!