28 Jul.
Mary Rauchenstein
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Good Leaders Practice What They Preach

How many times have we criticized others or been criticized ourselves for not practicing what we preach? Well, I had two unbelievable experiences recently that I have to share.

As a business consultant, I am starting to create e-learning solutions for some of my clients. No big deal. However, YouTube has some great content that appears free for the taking, but it’s not. I just finished a training module for a client titled “Brand Ambassador” training. There were two videos on YouTube that clearly illustrated characteristics of Brand Ambassadors. So, I reached out to Mark Sanborn, speaker and author (The Fred Factor) and James Lloyd, humorist and speaker. I asked if I might use a respective video from each to show in this e-learning module. Both got back to me within minutes – yes within minutes. And both were extremely gracious.

Contrast this with a request I made of another (somewhat famous) author and sales trainer a year ago, who told me I could use a quote from one of his books, for $10,000 – and that was after I reached out twice within a week, as I didn’t hear back from him initially. Even after I explained that I was doing the work pro-bono… his price remained unchanged.

If you are looking for great speakers on the subject of “exceptional service” or even “brand ambassadorship” I would highly encourage you to contact Mark Sanborn or James Lloyd. These guys are the real deal and they practice what they preach!