17 May.
Mary Rauchenstein
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Coaching vs. Mentoring

As a coach, I’m often surprised at the number of people who confuse mentoring, and consulting with coaching. Each has application in the right circumstance, but if you’re looking for a coach, don’t expect them to give you the answers. Coaching is about helping others identify and move beyond the limiting beliefs that are impeding their capacity to perform or thrive. Coaches don’t talk about the good old days or advise others what they would do in a specific situation. That’s mentoring! Mentors can indeed be helpful, but they’re definitely not coaches. Consultants, like mentors offer a prescribed solution for your problem. Again, maybe that’s helpful, but it’s not coaching. Coaching is based on the premise that the best solutions lie within YOU and through effective probing and inquiry, you uncover them. Mentors give you their solution while coaches help you uncover your truths!

Photo courtesy of Ambro at Freedigitalphotos.net
Photo courtesy of Ambro at Freedigitalphotos.net